michaelheadshotI’m a doctoral student at the University of British Columbia. I primarily work with Joe Henrich, Mark Schaller, and Steve Heine. My research focuses on the psychological and evolutionary processes that underlie culture and how culture is transmitted, maintained, and modified. I use a two-pronged methodological approach in my research, combining mathematical and computational modeling (social network analysis, evolutionary models, complexity theory, etc.) and experimental psychology. I am interested in better understanding the dynamic relationship between cultures and individuals, where “cultures” emerge from the interactions of individuals over time, who are in turn shaped by the emergent cultures they constitute.

My other relevant roles include Department Statistical Consultant and Technical Director for The Database of Religious History, which we hope will one day be the world’s largest repository of quantitative historical data.

I am also a Vanier Scholar and Liu Scholar and am interested in the application of research in cultural evolution to public policy.

I received my B.Eng (Software) and B.A. (Psychology) from The University of Queensland, Australia and have lived in various parts of the world, including Sri Lanka, Botswana, Papua New Guinea, and Australia.